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Friday, July 23, 2010

Time To Pretend

Forget about reality for a minute. It's overrated anyway and it's always going to be there. So why not allow ourselves a little escape... God knows we deserve it, and most of us even earn it!

Reality would tell me that some dreams will never come true. some people will remain in dreams and never become part of a reality. some hopes won't even translate into dreams. The feeling of holding someone tight and close until they're a part of us might never be experienced except in dreams.

so while I could always face facts and live in brutal honesty... it wouldn't kill to indulge in dreams and space out and imagine things. a What If might never happen, but that's no reason to stop imagining... That's the second side of hope. Imagination.

And some things we will want so bad, so intensely and completely that we won't be able to escape imagining them to be true and praying and hoping and withering and disintegrating.

Passion is an extreme. A lethal one. But it's a hell of a ride. And it's worth every moment of excruciating pain it might cause us, because the risk also entails being euphorically happy. If things ever happen to plan.

So for now. I'm going to pretend. If for nothing else but to soothe a passion I've been trying to kill in reality. And the dreaming begins!