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Friday, January 7, 2011

Second Definitions

Maybe the regular words and meanings and terminologies lose sense to us when we experience them first hand. Anything from feelings to circumstances will look different when we get involved.

"I never thought x feeling was this serious!" Insecurities, shocks, heartbreak, happiness, hope, disillusionment- All of it! When someone else goes on and on about it we almost always give the "sympathetic" ear- meaning we hear or register but don't really listen. At best we just nod along or just obey our predisposition of not approving and so interrupt at intervals.

But we don't really realize by listening. We don't experience by audio, or by visual either. That's exactly why they teach us theories and force us to practice. It's like cooking; no matter how many recipes you read about preparing the same dish, if you do not re-enact the scene to try to recreate the taste, you'll never know what a pinch of salt really is!
This is why we should admit once and for all that there does in fact exist such a thing as second definitions. They are those that we reach from hand on experiences when we land in the position of trying desperately to convey a sentiment that feels so clear to us, but is just flying right over our "audience's" heads.
Think about it! How many times do tables turn between you and friends or contacts or whatever and you feel so frustrated about making a point about the obvious when it is clear that the other person is not really "getting it"? Mind you, most often than not it will be something they tried to explain and tell you about and put in words and failed miserably. (Oh the wonderful blessing of friendship :))
When your friends teach and advise you that communication is key- common sense assures it too- it probably means that the only person who will ever GET IT is the person involved. It's probably a subconscious way of saying please go mope somewhere else you're depressing us! (And you probably are, I mean come on people have enough of their own crap to deal with without you bringing in your own. And yes I know for a fact that there are friends who are so loyal they WILL give you the sympathetic ear every time. But eventually they will snap, and switch to the tough love :) TO VENT OUT YOUR FRUSTRATION!)
So get dirty, or in this case dirty mouthed. There's no need to define or second define things, it just defeats the purpose then! But speak it up and just hope that one day eventually the message you ached to get through once a while ago, is hitting home by an act of karma :)

There's hope for ya.