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Monday, April 18, 2011

The OTHER Theory

Maybe at this very moment in time my dears, I have suddenly fallen on the positive wave, and I'm riding it. Which is why this little post will be uplifting for some. or not... whatever.

The thing is, through close observation of distant people, I kind of formulated a theory. No nothing fancy, nothing bewildering and unheard of. On the contrary, it has probably been said to death and has been used so often it's become an example of fromage and cheese.

The OTHER theory goes like this my little avid readers and thirsty knowledge seekers: We are different people, with different people. (Huh?) I dunno how to better put it actually, but I will try. In my humble inconsequential opinion, I firmly believe that the human soul is contagious and we automatically pick up on soul shreds hanging around people when we meet them. If the shred-bits suit us, we like the person, we call it attraction- "an unexplainable attraction". And if the shred-bits don't suit us, we are repelled and feel uncomfortable around that person "for some reason we can't quite place our butter dipped fingers on".

(Starting to make more sense now, right?) (I know). YES. The soul itself is contagious in all its beautiful energy flows and unseen colors. This makes perfect sense since we more often than not find ourselves measuring the type of person we are with one group of persons or another, and kid ourselves and call it "influence": it's the contagious soul.

And the hopeful part about this is, regardless of whether we believe in the whole soul-mate part, we can't deny that some people bring out the best in us while others bring out the not-so-best. And then if we happen to find that completing other of ours than can you imagine what the two souls will be exchanging? (MY GOD! a world of possibilities just sprung up in my busy head!)Oh and just to make it more interesting, let's - for the sake of argument - assume that certain elements can affect the shred-bit exchange, like say ohhhh ALCOHOL? and Music? Of course they are influenced! It's the SOUL. It's ALIVE. Hell, it IS LIFE! This can explain why we are much easier about meeting people and "letting go" in some circumstances more than others. So imagine your soul dancing to music, intoxicated with a kindred soul next to it. Can you even begin to grasp what kind of dance the shred-bits around you would be performing? And no I'm not talking about the effect of alcohol and music together- I'm talking about how they get tangled and incorporated into something simple, basic, primitive- brilliant. And if we look/listen close enough you can just see the colors and hear the hum they make when these soul shred-bits touch and meet and identify.

I feel so thrilled about this theory of mine that I do not know what to do with it. Should I perhaps perform studies and experiments to prove it? and then document said studies and experiments and go crazy and even write a book and achieve fame and be hosted on the then-woulds-be-long-deceased Oprah show?

Only time will tell my little ones. But for now, it definitely puts people exchange and relationings into a new(er) perspective.

So go, mingle, meet people, and infect them with your beautiful souls :) Who knows? You may just meet your match in this new disease spreading. What a positive way of plaguing the world that would be.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Oh August...

It doesn't matter. It really doesn't. And when we start to understand that, life becomes simpler automatically. Because that is exactly when we let go and become free.

We do not love. Most of us become enslaved in love, and that's why we suffer. Then we start to keep ourselves there by diving deeper into all the wrong things. in the name of love of course. and some of us just get so deep they can't ever go back up again. (It's called permanent damage)...

You know? lately I've been having this moments- no not the crazy ones, those are a given- moments of just pure basic joy. Yesterday I dropped my friend home and on the way back to my place, I was driving in the sun, with the windows semi opened. There was a minimal breeze seeping inside, and it was just cold enough to refresh the car . Then the traffic stops at the red light and there I was listening to my music, stuck in momentary traffic, and Beirut looking so god blessed beautiful... That's love. I mean it was a moment of deep authentic affection. and it was FREE. and isolated. and the thing is these similar moments have been happening lately more and more.

The point is, if I had been looking to set up this very experience it would never have happened. And no matter how hard I worked to make it work, it would not have happened. Cause it is what it is. it is FREE. and free is something we can't capture.

and the music! oh the music... Why can't there be a system of government that's based on music? Can you imagine what it would be like? The Minster of Jazz Artists. The attache to the ambassador or blues and soul. His Majesty King of Classiconia? Colonel Rock it, head of the House regiment. You get the point...

So may we always know how to let go.
May we always remember NOT to choke people around us.
May we always be free in love. So that we can be free TO love.
May we learn that love is multifaceted. And may we allow ourselves to love in abundance. Love life. Love people. Love work. Love the stupid traffic. Love our mistakes. Love the sweet agony and misery. Love failing. Love succeeding.

Oh August... Thank you. You've given me quite a few unique people. My dear August.