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Monday, August 22, 2011

To The Sea

Someone to take out to sea
Where we can sit and stare, and sweat under the sun.
Hands locked and eyes outstretched
With mutual disks of regret and memories playing in the background.
Someone who wants to be free
Who’s been hidden in slavery
To appreciate the escape we find in the sea.
Who tells wonders and feeds my appetite
With bright red tales of how he came to be
Someone who sees as far as my eye decrees.
Someone to whirl and spin and destroy
To build and harbor like the placid sea.
To sway and hold and push and fight
To feel and fear and hope and hope…
With scars and bruises and healing cuts
With thoughts and nooses and a heart that is brave.
Can you see? What I need to take to sea?
Someone who is human. A Titan. A fisherman.
A man. A truth.
Someone to belong to. Someone like me.
To take to sea!