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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


People. We are visual creatures. It's where the whole seeing is believing thing springs from. And I'll tell you why. It's not that we're not capable of hope, or that we like a safe bet. BUT. For most of us, we've just been through enough in life to discourage us from believing blindly and just throwing random faith in things... Particularly when that very faith proved to be unjustified, and that very thing ended up shredding us. Poor us.

Seeing is believing because even when we say we won't believe it until we see it, on the other side of that very same statement of ours is the fact that we do believe. We doubt being doubtful! How sincere we are in our characteristics. And we only hang on HARD to the opposite of believing, because we have SEEN that believing gets us nowhere, where as skepticism is a good guarantee.

It just really gives us such an incredible push. and THAT, the push I mean, you CAN see wherever you look. When you give someone a gesture of good will, a token of faith, a down frigging payment, things get done and you set things in motion. That's how trust is built. From visualization, and it is lost though de-visualization!
Exhibit A: I Trust my Boyfriend he will never cheat. I've seen him blow off girls when he didn't know i was looking.
Exhibit B: I Trust my Boyfriend. he will never cheat. oops. he sc***ed me over. trust gone. guys are shit. i'm giving up.

It's also one of the basics of marketing. You sell things by showing them to be so much better than they really are. And the difference between a good salesman and a great salesman is that only the second one can get you to imagine, believe and superimpose a picture over reality :)

And let's not forget faith! which is such a difficult thing to maintain. I mean on a regular day, pick out a random person from a religious crowd and start asking them about God. and their beliefs, actually don't ask, QUESTION them and interrogate them. They'll absent mindedly repeat things for you. and while you probably would give up on the debriefing thinking they're block headed, trust me, that very same person will feel OUTRAGED! APPALLED! how DARE that atheist ask him these infinite and intimate questions... and why couldn’t I feel a passion in my heart for it.... Why did I feel like a friggin echo chamber bouncing back statements that were stuffed and hammered into my head?
Because that person never saw to truly believe. and to the extremely religious and devout people who have seen proof or signs justifying their faith, just take a minute and ask yourself, would you still have been a firm if you had horrible losses in life? and if nothing good ever went your way? and if we throw in a few diseases, breakdowns and hmmm solitude?

And I'll go further. Any Tom, Dick or Harry will you that the best part about cooking and preparing a dish is the presentation. Because what looks good to the eye, tastes even better to the stomach. Kinda like Victoria's Secret models, preparing the ravenous men for the consumption of innocent sheep. ha! how I entertain myself. but seriously we need a little something to move on. just a little something.

I do realize that the first quote to spring to so many minds will be : blessed are thou who hath believed without seeing. and i totally agree. they are blessed.
Because, yet again. We are visual creatures. and we need to see.

You see?