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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Process Letter

Dear individuals,

Welcome to the global factory- the international norm for behavior where you will be fed processed information in the dozen, in compressed and concentrated amounts.

The processed information above mentioned shall range from politics and country history to random acts and facts of love and love making.

We do not support or encourage you, dear individual, to be in anyway original or an innovator. On the contrary, we at the global factory love "the box": we like you to feel comfortable within its boundaries and to never wish to rise to a level of non-boxiness. Therefore do not attempt to think outside it, or wonder what lies on the other side of its cardboard walls. The truth beyond said walls is bleak, scary, unstable and smells of burnt cabbage on Sunday afternoons!

Our Preliminary classes shall be as follows:

Mondays: False Reality and Pretense Exchange for individuals.
Tuesday: How to kill braincells 101
Wednesdays: Urban heroism and early literature
Thursdays: Faking compassion and other noble feelings.
Fridays: Recreational Activities. (These will include but not be limited to: Nap time, pheromone releasing dances, Art and Culture: Why Rembrandt Fails in modern day culture... etc A list of available attractions shall be posted up on the outside of toilet doors at the factory>)
Saturdays: Hands-on application of above mentioned courses.
Sundays: (Fornication at )the beach, clubs, family lunches, baptisms, funerals, and other such social gatherings.

Tuition will not be mandatory as we WILL be extracting the fees from your soul and life force making you a shallow miserable mono-dimensional push over or goat or bull(according to preference and disposition) so that you may fit in like a hot knife slicing through swiss butter.

For counseling do not hesitate to refer to the dummies pin-stuck to the black board.


We Screw Generations Organization (WS-GO)
Highly activating member of board


P.s.: special packages available for creative thinkers, outstanding children, artists, geniuses and other deformed individuals.

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